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Why is PDF still relevant?

Why is PDF still relevant?

PDF or Portable Document Format is the rage always and for all the right reasons. There have been software and formats which look much more developed than PDF, but PDF still rules the arena. No matter what you are doing, be it business or a student or a speaker or a teacher, everyone knows the operation and function of PDFs. For this reason, we help people convert XML to PDF, even though XML is a great format for data storage and transfer.

Here are some reasons, PDF is still so relevant and a majority swear by it.

  • Consistency: Throughout the years, there have been developments and upgrades in the PDF, but one thing that has stuck is the overall format or the look and feel. When it comes to laymen, people will love to use a format which has been the same since its inception.
  • Can Send Over Any Medium: Today, we use our phones less for calls and more for Whatsapp or any other messaging and social media application. With the rise of these mediums, the shareability of PDF has made it a crowd favorite. Moreover, there is no compression when you send a PDF over Whatsapp or any other messenger which can be found in other formats.
  • Uses Less Space: The constant war of space in the phone and also while sending the data has made many formats technically defunct. PDF uses very little space in your phone and even while sending over mail or messenger. This is one of the major reasons, millennials prefer PDF over any other format.
  • Seamless: There are several new gadgets being launched every now and then. In most cases, people are looking for a format which is completely seamless and works on almost every device. PDF is one such format which fulfills the requirements. No matter you are working on a Linux and need to present your material using a Windows, PDF is here to your rescue. The elements remain intact and the integration seamless.

These are some reasons which make the PDF format still relevant even though the technology around it is constantly evolving. That is the thing with technology, it changes fast and people grab the latest one. However, PDF has been around for long and is supposed to stay here. PDF has reached that point where the latest software and technological advancements revolve around it. It is much like its data storage counterpart, XML which is still the preferred format for data storage and transfer. This is why XML to PDF conversion is one of the best things to happen. One timeless format to another.

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